We are delighted to take London to the plains of North India on a culinary journey spiced with splendour... Our menus combine complex flavours and spices to deliver exceptional Indian Food.
Maharaja Feast     £ 30.00

First Course
Best of Gaylord kebabs - Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Chop, Lamb Seekh Kebab served with Piazi Kulcha

Second Course
Lamb Rogan Josh or Butter Chicken and Bombay Aloo or Dal Bukhara served with Saffron Jeera Pulao and Cucumber Raita
Optional seafood add on: Tandoori Tiger Prawn - £ 4.50, Amritsari Machhi - £ 3.00

Third Course
Gulab Jamun or Rasmalai or Scoop of Ice-cream

Maharani Feast     £27.00
A royal delight for vegetarians

First Course
Golgappa Shot, Vegetable Samosa, Tandoori Paneer Tikka

Second Course
Three different selections of vegetables of your choice from the menu served with Raita, Salad, Rice, and Naan or Lachha Paratha
Optional add on: Cauliflower Chilli Fry - £ 4.00

Third Course
Gulab Jamun or Rasmalai or Scoop of Ice-cream

A Tribute To Royalty
A complete meal recommendation 
Royal Set Menu

Snacks from the street of India and more

Golgappa Shots     £6.50

Add Shot Of Grey Goose     £5.00
Puffed savouries, coriander-chickpea tabbouleh, potato-cubes, date and jaggery sauce,
spiced aromatic water

Indian twist to the Mexican street favourite - built up with accompaniments like ruby
chard, avocado or mint dip, spring onion
Soft Tacos with choice of:

Pulled Chicken     £8.50
Lamb Seekh Kebab     £9.50
Paneer Jalfrezi     £7.50
Spicy Rajma (Kidney Beans )     £7.50

Baby Idli With Gunpowder, Tomato Tukku Mayo    £8.00
Steamed savoury cakes of rice and de-husked lentils, served with traditional
gunpowder spice and chutney

Onion Bhaj ia     £7.25
Crispy fried onion straw fritters, signature mint chutney

Aloo Papri Chaat     £7.50
Crisp flour pancake spheres, chickpeas, potatoes, yoghurt,
mint and tamarind chutney

Pao Bhaji     £10.00
Soft buttered pao buns with the classic mashed potato-vegetable curry, chopped onion
and coriander, served in fondue pot

Dilli Ki Aloo Tikki     £7.50
Potato cakes filled with spices and lentils, mint and tamarind chutney, yoghurt

Mix Vegetable Pakoras      £9.50
Popular tea time snack fritters - assortment of vegetables - cauliflower florets, spinach,
potato and aubergine in gram flour batter

Vegetable Samosa     £7.25
Potato and green peas filled crisp patty, Peshawari chana, tamarind chutney

Goan Soft Shell Crab     £7.00
Crisp baby crabs with spicy Goan masala in light batter

Crab Cakes Dakshini     £11 .00
Crab cakes with curry leaves, southern spices, mustard cress

Prawn Puri     £10.00
King Prawns jalfrezi, wheat flour unleavened Indian puffed bread

Andhra Scallops , Pink Peppercorn     £11 .00
Scallops seared in curry leaves oil, crushed black pepper served with curly evies, cherry
tomato and pink peppercorn

Murg Gilafi Seekh     £8.50
Minced chicken, smoked, topped with bell-peppers and char-grilled on skewers

Lamb Shamm i Kebab (Gaylord Speciality)     £9.00
Tender minced lamb patties served with light mint sauce - an Awadh classic

Amritsari Macc hi (Punjabi Style)    £9.50
Gram-flour batter-fried Tilapia fish, flavoured with carom seeds, paprika

Mini Starter Sampler: Non Vegetarian     £12.00
Mini versions of Shammi Kebab, Murg Malai Tikka, Lamb Seekh Kebab and Amritsari Fish

Mini Starter Sampler: Vegetarian     £10.00
Mini versions of Vegetable Samosa, Paneer Tikka, Onion Bhajia and Golgappa Shot


Poppadum Roasted / Fried    £1 .00

Poppadum Basket    £4.00

Kachumber Salad    £3.00

Chilli Garlic Naan Triangles    £4.25

Sigri Mix Grill
(most popular sharing platter)

Mixed Grill - Non Vegetarian Selection    £25.00

2 pcs each of Tandoori Tiger Prawns, Tandoori Tilapia Fish, Murg Gilafi Seekh and Lamb Seekh Kebab, served with Piazi Kulcha, Greens

Tandoori Kebabs & More
(Charcoal oven grilled specialties - SMALL PLATES AS STARTERS / MAIN PORTIONS

Gaylord Grill     £12.00
One pc each of Tandoori Lamb Chop, Fish Tikka and Murg Malai Tikka

Tandoori Tiger Prawns     £10.00 / £20.00
Jumbo Tiger Prawns marinated with saffron, aromatic spices and grilled in a charcoal fired clay oven

Fish Tikka     £8.50 / £13.00
Fillet of Tilapia fish, Kashmiri chilli oil spiced marinade, char-grilled, pink-peppercorn ryta

Murg Tandoori     £8.50 / £15.50
The fire and spice of India - spring chicken marinated overnight in saffron, ground spices and yoghurt, roasted in traditional charcoal oven

Chicken Tikka Zaff rani      £8.50 / £14.50
Chicken tikka marinated in our special spice mix with saffron and char-grilled

Murg Malai Tikka     £8.50 / £14.50
Tandoor roasted very mild chicken tikkas, marinated in creamed cheese, yoghurt and aromatic spices

Lamb Chops Anardana      £11 .00 / £16.50
Lamb chops marinated in traditional spices and pomegranate
seeds juice and bar-be-qued on charcoal

Lamb Seekh Kebab    £ .50 / £14.50
Minced leg of lamb, spiced, skewered and grilled over live charcoal

Tandoori Paneer Tikka    £6.50 / £12.00
Cottage cheese chunks in spiced marinade, char-grilled with
peppers, onions and plum tomatoes

Cauliflower Chilli Fry    £6.50 / £12.00
Florets of cauliflower, coated with hot and spicy flour batter,
golden crisp fried


Prawn Coconut Curry      £20.00
King Prawns in delicate mild coconut curry with fresh flavours of lime and aromatic spices.

Prawn Tikka Masala     £20.00
King Prawns marinated, grilled and simmered in our famous creamy tomato curry.
Recommended with Garlic Naan or Steamed Basmati Rice

Fish Tak-A-Tak Seasonal Price
Seasonal catch, Whole Trout or Pomfret or Halibut fillet spiced, and topped with masala gravy

Goan Fish Curry     £18.00
Fillet of Tilapia in classic Goan curry, steeped in tamarind, Kashmiri chilli powder,
turmeric and coconut milk with spices

Lamb Shank     £19.00
Lamb shank tenderized in Gaylord spice mix, spicy red onion and plum tomato curry, Kashmiri red chilli oil

Kid Goat Keema Tak-A-Tak     £15.50
Mince of baby goat, potato cubes, cooked with fresh herbs and spices - recommended with Varqi Paratha or Roomali Roti

Lamb Korma      £15.50
Mild and very tender lamb cubes, pot-roasted with cardamom and aromatic spices - finished in pureed cashew nut and cream sauce. Contains nuts

Lamb Rogan Josh     £16.50
The hot lamb curry - perfectly spiced for that fiery zing. Ask the chef to make it extra hot if you wish

Butter Chicken    £16.00
Tandoori chicken deboned and cooked in classic tomato gravy with butter and cream. Also known as Murg Makhani

C.T.M. - Good Ol' Chicken Tikka Masala     £15.50
India's most popular export - spiced chicken tikkas simmered in herb-rich creamy
onion-tomato gravy

Murg Korma     £15.50
Tender chicken morsels in Luckhnawi style cashew nut rich, mild creamy sauce.
Contains nuts

Murg Bhuna Dhania Masala £15.00
Boneless chicken morsels in spicy Punjabi curry, flavoured
with fresh Indian cilantro stems

Vegetarian Specialities

Makhani Paneer     £11.50
Cubes of our home made fresh cottage cheese, simmered and softened in Gaylord's famous creamy tomato gravy. Old favourite since 1966...

Kadhai Paneer     £11 .50
Home made fresh cottage cheese, tossed with bell peppers in classic onion-tomato gravy, spiced with dry coriander seeds and dried red chillies

Malai Kofta     £12.00
Cottage cheese and vegetable dumplings in a mildly spiced vegetable curry

Palak Paneer     £10.50
Cottage cheese cubes in pureed spinach gravy, flavoured with ginger and royal cumin

Baingan Ka Bharta     £9.00
Baked aubergine, smoked, mashed and cooked with plum tomatoes, onions and fresh green chillies

Vegetable Jalfrezi     £9.00
A colourful mix of vegetable salan - potatoes, green peas, peppers, button mushrooms, carrots, tossed with cumin seeds and Indian cilantro

Chana Peshawari     £9.50
The Gaylord speciality - our famous chickpeas cooked with secret spice mix.
A must try, recommended with Bhaturas

Bhindi Masala     £9.50
Okra, sautéed onion, spiced with dry mango powder

Gobhi Aloo £8.50
Cauliflower florets and potatoes stir-fried with royal cumin and dry masala

Bombay Aloo     £8.50
Tender baby potatoes spiced with ginger and royal cumin, spicy gravy

Methi Matar Makai Malai     £10.00
Garden peas and corn kernels tossed with fresh fenugreek leaves and pureed spinach gravy, ginger juliennes

Dal Bukhara     £9.70
House speciality - black lentils (urad dal) slow cooked overnight on charcoal, creamy and earthy.Recommended accompaniment to Tandoori Kebabs

Yellow Dal Tadka     £9.70
Yellow dal tempered with garlic, red onion, cumin and clarified butter


Saag Aloo     £6.00
New potatoes tossed with spinach and fresh garlic

Paneer Bhurji     £6.00
Scrambled cottage cheese cooked with vine-ripened tomatoes

Baingan Hyderabadi     £6.00
Aubergine chunks, simmered in spicy masala gravy

Lassi Lajawab     £5.25
Yoghurt drink from the villages of Punjab - served cold.
Choice of mango, saffron, masala, salted or sweet

Raita     £4.75
Yoghurt dip served as per your choice - mixed, mint, boondi or cucumber

Mirchi Pyaz     £3.50
Sliced onions with green chillies, coriander and spices

All our biryanis are served with raita and gravy

King Prawns Biryani     £21 .00
Tiger Prawns cooked with finest long grain basmati rice and spiced with saffron

Hyderabadi Gosht Biryani     £18.50
Long grain basmati rice cooked with tender lamb cubes, saffron and authentic spice mix on 'dum'

Murg Zaff rani Biryani     £18.50
Tender chicken chunks and finest basmati rice spiced with saffron and almond slivers cooked on 'dum'

Rice And Breads

Guchhi Pulao     £8.25
An exotic combination - rare morels cooked with fragrant long grain basmati rice

Lemon Rice    £6.00
Basmati rice cooked with mustard seeds and curry leaves, with scent of fresh lemon

Saffron Matar Pulao    £5.25
Long grain basmati rice tempered with royal cumin, garden peas and scented with pure saffron

Steamed Basmati Rice    £4.75

Tandoori Roti    £3.50
Unleavened bread made from wheat flour

Naan     £3.75
Leavened bread made from refined flour

Keema Naan / Cheese Naan     £6.50
Leavened bread stuffed with cooked minced lamb / topped with cheddar cheese

Lachha / Pudina Paratha     £4.00
Butter rich whole wheat bread made in layers, served plain or mint flavoured

Piazi Kulcha     £4.25
Leavened bread stuffed with onion and coriander

Peshawari Naan     £4.75
Leavened bread stuffed with nuts and raisins

Garlic Naan    £4.25
Leavened bread flavoured with garlic and topped with butter

Roomali Roti   £4.00
Thin and soft bread, looks like handkerchief - hence the name...

Bhatura    £4.25
Leavened Indian bread, deep fried to a healthy puff.
Recommended with our world-famous Chana Peshawari

Bread Basket    £12.50
Basket of Garlic Naan, Piazi Kulcha, Naan, Tandoori Rot

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